NewsBirthday Celebrations!


Kourosh Abbassi




On the 28th of March 2023, we marked the 50th birthday of the company with a wonderful and very enjoyable evening at the Brasserie of Light, in central London, where for the first time in many months, the whole team gathered under one roof, and we had some very special guests too; Linda and Elwyn Raymer, who have been friends of Sovereign Tourism for 40 of the past 50 years!

In my emotional speech, as well as giving the history of the company and thanking all the previous owners and managers, I thanked the existing team of staff for their dedication, support and hard work over the years.

Whether, they have been with the company a few months, or as is the case with a number of people, 37 years, they are part of the fabric and history of Sovereign Tourism, and what makes this a successful and respected company with longevity. As I said in my speech, without the dedication and knowledge of the staff, we would just be 4 walls and a few dozen computers!

Looking forward to the next 50 years!