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A receptive tour operator, providing services for groups travelling to the UK and the rest of Europe

Our History

Celebrating 50 years of custom-made tours

"Celebrating over 50 years of custom-made tours".

We turned 50 in 2023!

A huge “Thank You” to all of you for your support over the years. We believe in building long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and want you to think of us as an extension of your own office, and we are truly grateful for the trust you have placed in us over the years.

Despite reaching this momentous milestone, our approach is still fresh and original. We create unique and exciting travel experiences for Special Interest and Educational groups and focus on seeking out those enriching, life-enhancing travel moments that are more often found when connecting with local people in their own communities.

We never take your trust in us for granted and we never forget that you have a choice!

Our Testimonials

Maire Griffin

Senior Operations Executive

“I love music so it is always a joy to look after performing groups. 

From orchestras to hand bells, chamber choirs to bagpipe bands, when you see the performance coming together and the performers and audience joined as one and lost in the music, it goes straight from my ears to my heart!"

Jill Hutton

Business Development Manager

“We have a wide portfolio of special interest tours,  but once in a while somebody surprises us with something unique! 

We can put together a custom-made tour for any group, whether they are passionate about Shakespeare or Harry Potter, gardens or gastronomy, genealogy or the theatre!

Kourosh Abbassi


"As well as fulfilling the academic expectations of educational establishments, students and parents, I believe that educational trips take learning to a higher level through understanding and respect of other traditions and cultures.

Experiencing the unfamiliar and gaining insight into other ways of life encourage real growth."

Our Team

Our Team

Our travel experts are  our company! They are our strongest asset and have been chosen not only for their destination and product expertise but also for their passion for travel and willingness and ability to provide friendly, professional, highly personalised and accurate service. We are proud of our multinational and multicultural team. Between them, they have travelled all over Europe and speak all the major European languages. They know Europe inside-out and are eager to show it to your groups. There is just so much to see!

Meet the team

Our Philosophy

Personalised Service

We offer a professional and friendly service with reliability, knowledge, quality and value as it’s four pillars. We are committed to nurturing personalised  experiences and want to make life as easy and as smooth as possible for our partners. Driven by our passion for travel and using our extensive network of contacts, we provide groups with unique, creative, enriching and rewarding experiences which change lives. There are so many possibilities and so many durable travel experiences we can add to any tour.

Sustainability & the environment

In our office, we have been paperless since 2019, and when we have to use paper, we make sure that it is all recycled. In our kitchen, we have no disposable cups or cutlery. We even use filtered water, rather than mineral. For our groups, we encourage efforts in programme design and operation that pay attention to the environment; for example, we encourage travellers to use public transport as and when possible, and also strive to use smaller coaches for smaller groups. We encourage our staff and travellers to be green and locally-minded, and respectful of cultural and regional practices when operating groups.

Partnerships Built on Trust

We believe in building long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and working closely with you to grow and develop your group business. We want you to think of us as an extension of your own office and are truly grateful for the trust you place in us. We always go the extra mile, and never forget that you have a choice!

One-stop Shop

Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with an extensive list of reliable suppliers and contacts, working directly with all of them. We can work with all specifications and budgets and our aim is to be a one-stop shop for all your group travel needs across Europe, cutting out the need to use multiple suppliers.