BlogWe're back in the office!


Kourosh Abbassi




In the past 2 years, we all rediscovered some old, yet cherished habits: spending time together in our homes, cooking and playing as a family, reading more books, and above all, changing our perspective and approach to the little things in life  which we perhaps had taken for granted before.

However, it has been wonderful to get back to the office in the past few weeks, after 2 very long and difficult years, reconnecting with colleagues and having a sense of normalcy in the workplace.

Some of us are still working remotely from other European countries, but most of us are back and we have been joined by two new travel experts.

Around us, signs of “normality” abound; my tube train is packed once again, there is a line at the local coffee shop for my morning coffee, people are once again discussing the weather rather than the latest grim pandemic news, and we can see people’s smiles once again!

None of us know what the future holds, but for now, it seems that people are thirsty for travel and future bookings are going through the roof! Tourism is thriving again, and you are the professionals who will make all of this a reality for your groups, and we will be here to support you with original and imaginative itineraries and safe, joyful, unique and rewarding experiences.