BlogShooting our new promo video!


Kourosh Abbassi




Earlier this year, Jill, Ilenia, Valda, Maire and I had a great day shooting a promotional video which will be released to coincide with our 50th birthday!

The video is aimed at faculty, Study Abroad Offices and universities and colleges; in fact whoever needs assistance in organising educational programmes to Europe.

Over the years, we have worked with US colleges and universities on customised short-term programmes, and understand students and faculty extremely well. Based in the UK, we have vast experience supporting undergraduate and graduate programming all over Europe and excel in creating unique and rewarding programmes.

We have a proven track record of safety, security, creativity and value, and our network of partners and suppliers is wide and unmatched in its ability to respond to college and university goals and needs.

It has to be said, that we were all a bit apprehensive about doing this, never having appeared in front of a professional camera crew in a proper TV studio! Having said that, we soon relaxed and behaved likes pros and managed to wrap it all up in half a day! I think you will like the end result. 

With this video, we hope to showcase much of what we do and our approach to customised education abroad. In it, you will see that working with us is a true collaboration, with the aim of creating high quality experiences for your faculty and students.

The clip will be available soon on our YouTube channel ( and we will upload a link on this site under "Services" / "Educational & Study Tours."