Performing Arts, Male Choir

Performing Arts, Male Choir Performing Arts, Male Choir

Destination management and specialist tailor-made tours throughout the UK and Europe.

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Performing Arts
Successful, smoothly operated and exhilarating performing experiences

Performing Arts, Orchestra

With a 45 year track record, our Performing Tours cater for all ensembles, including choirs, orchestras, marching bands and dance groups. 

Our team is aware of all the idiosynchrasies involved in handling performing groups and we understand the needs of singers and musicians and all the ingredients that go into making a successful, smoothly operated and exhilarating performing experience. 

We work with venues ranging from major concert halls and cathedrals to local churches and town halls.

Our range of contacts in the music industry enables us to organise workshops and joint performances with local bands and choirs. 

We design and publish flyers and posters and coordinate social and local media campaigns to ensure great coverage and a good audience for performances.

We can also arrange instrument hire through our extensive network of providers across Europe. 

Finally, once the group is on the road, we have a 24/7 helpline for your peace of mind.

Some of the many choirs and Orchestras we have assisted in recent years are:

  • Drake University Chamber Choir from Iowa, USA.
  • Reedley College Community Orchestra from California, USA. 
  • The CenturyMen Choir from USA. 
  • Valen Choir from Norway. 
  • The Augustana Choir from South Dakota, USA. 
  • Newark Boys Chorus from USA.
  • Gustavus Adolphus College Choir from USA
  • The Singing Men of Texas from USA. 
  • The Singing Women of Oklamhoma from USA
  • The American Opera Studio from Kansas, USA.

‘Sovereign Tourism - I don't think there could be a better tour company anywhere. With the wonderful folks they have both in the office and in the field, you can't go wrong.’  Terry Price, Director of Music, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas.

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